Hello friends, do you want to invest in Cryptocurrency and you are looking for the Best Crypto App in India, Cryptocurrency Exchange Apps in India for Online Trading. Which will help you invest in cryptocurrencies and make the most of your profits?

Don’t worry, today I will tell you about the best app to invest in Cryptocurrency in India.

While there is no guarantee of the legality of cryptocurrency in India yet, and it is not known whether it will be accepted in India. But still, you want to invest in digital currency (cryptocurrency) then you can do it and reap its benefits.

best crypto app in india

The main reason for this is the growth of cryptocurrency. Because If you have invested 1000 rupees in a year in Nifty or Sensex, and you will have around 2000 rupees now. Similarly, if someone would have invested 1000 rupees in bitcoin, then after a year, he would now get about 12,000 rupees.

Many companies have opened the arena to start their own ventures, and these companies have launched several cryptocurrency exchange apps in India over the years. Which let you invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and many more cryptos.

You can open your accounts and invest in crypto using these apps using your smartphone. With the help of this app, you can invest in crypto without any laptop or computer.

But before you invest in cryptocurrency you need to know, what is cryptocurrency? How do work? And how do all these apps work?

What is cryptocurrency?

If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, then obviously you must know about cryptocurrencies. Still, if you do not know, then I will tell you here what is currency? I’ll try to tell you here in a small way what a cryptocurrency is, and how it works.

A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that is secured by cryptography, making it nearly impossible to counterfeit or double spend. Many cryptocurrencies are decentralized networks based on blockchain technology, a distributed ledger implemented by a separate network of computers.

A defining characteristic of cryptocurrencies is that they are generally not issued by any central authority, which makes them theoretically immune from government interference or manipulation.

How do cryptocurrency apps work?

If you are a cryptocurrency investor or want to become a cryptocurrency investor, then you have to go with some app or the other. If you are new to this field, there are a lot of cryptocurrency exchange apps in the market that help you access a lot of cryptocurrencies and help you trade on the go.

These apps provide a simple and convenient platform for you to trade in cryptocurrency and enter the world of decentralized digital currency networks.

The whole process has been simplified for you to sign up in any of the given apps, and the mobile app interface is also simple and can be done by anyone. Just you need is an Android or iOS phone. You can easily download these mobile apps available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store and you can invest in cryptocurrency after signing up.

List of the Best Crypto App in India for Online Trading

1. WazirX

best crypto app in india

WazirX App is one of the Best Crypto App in India for Online Cryptocurrency Trading. This app was launched in 2017, this WazirX app was established in Mumbai, India.

But after a few years, it was acquired by Binance Holdings. This app is considered the best app for trading crypto by trading volume.

You don’t have to face any difficulties to withdraw and deposit INR-based capital with WazirX, as it is very simple.

Another key feature of crypto exchange you also find in this WazirX app is its easy-to-use interface. Which helps a non-technical person navigate through this platform to buy and sell crypto using a live open order book system.

Along with this, you also get integrated charting tools, which help people analyze prices, trends, and historical data with ease.

All these factors differentiate WazirX Exchange from others. and its integrated P2P transaction engine with Binance’s Fiat Gateway platform, available to you on both Android and iOS devices.

What more can you ask for? You can buy and sell 70 cryptocurrencies on the WazirX app. With this, you can get withdrawal charges ranging from Rs 5-10 to more, depending on how you withdraw the funds.

And that’s why the WazirX app is called no. 1 Best Crypto App in India. So if you want to invest in Cryptocurrency, you can go with this WazirX app. Sign up WazirX App and start trading.

If you want to download the WazirX app then here is the link–Android || iPhone

2. CoinDCX

best crypto app in india

CoinDCX is one of the growing crypto startups in India today and one of the Best Crypto App in India. The CoinDCX app gives you great security features to exchange cryptocurrency and hence this crypto exchange app is a great name for its security features. With this CoinDCX ensures instant legal rights for crypto conversions, and that too with zero fees.

The CoinDCX is recognized as the most versatile trading app for crypto assets in India. It lets you trade in up to 200 cryptocurrencies. Along with this, you can easily sign up on a mobile number and email id as its sign-up process has been made very simple.

You will get a lot of information about investing in cryptocurrencies and how cryptocurrencies work in the virtual world from this app. You get one maker and one taker fee of 0.1 percent with a minimum withdrawal limit of Rs. 1,000 without any fees at CoinDCX.

This app allows you to trade in cable crypto that supports only INR. You can deposit money into your account using NEFT, IMPS, RTGS, UPI, or even a simple bank transfer.

Before using this app, users need to verify themselves using the Google-authenticated app. Because without this you cannot start trading on the app. In addition, you will also need to set a withdrawal password that needs to be confirmed for each withdrawal you make.

If you like the CoinDCX app then you can go with it and start your cryptocurrency trading today. This app is one of the Best Crypto App in India. Whom you can trust to protect your money.

If you want to download the CoinDCX then here is the link–Android || iPhone

3. Unocoin

best crypto app in india

Unocoin is a leading crypto asset and works on blockchain, serving millions of customers in India. This Unocoin cryptocurrency app is famous for democratizing bitcoin for Indians.

So, if you do crypto trading in INR on this app, you will definitely make a profit.

The highlights of Unocoin’s popularity are its low transaction fees, live price tracker, a consolidated wallet for all crypto holdings, etc. In addition, you can also automate your bitcoin purchases by setting your frequency and amount.

And with this Unocoin provides you a referral program. And you can get some free bitcoins when you refer Unocoin to your friends.

Through Unocoin you can recharge mobile and DTH with bitcoin as well as subscribe to cryptocurrencies.

This Unocoin gives you a simple user interface and support for multiple cryptocurrencies. By signing up in this app the user has to create an account and complete all the KYC details.

One of the highlights of the Unocoin app is that it also includes a schedule sale feature that lets you auto-sell from the Profile tab.

Unocoin charges users 0.7 percent for buying and selling their cryptocurrency, which is more than other apps orders. But this rate is applicable for a minimum of 60 days of usage. After that, the Unocoin app charges a 0.5 percent fee and also upgrades you to Gold membership.

You can deposit up to a minimum of Rs 1,000 in Unocoin. If you deposit money using NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, or UPI, no fee is charged from users.

Unocoin also provides biometric security features via Finger ID and Passcode. The app will log you out if you type the wrong code from the Biometric ID.

It was No. 3 Cryptocurrency Exchange Apps in India. If you want to trade cryptocurrency with this app, you can download it and start your trading.

If you want to download the Unocoin then here is the link–Android || iPhone

4. Zebpay

best crypto app in india

Zebpay Considered to be one of the oldest crypto exchange platforms in Singapore, Zebpay was founded in 2015 and the app lets you exchange cryptocurrency in India.

Zebpay has its Indian operations from Ahmedabad. However, it had to shut down its Indian operations when the cryptocurrency ban happened in India. But it was back in the market in 2020 after the SC hearing on RBI’s crypto ban.

Zebpay is the most trusted crypto exchange platform to date if you come to mind. So far there are 3 million registered users on Zebpay. Its state-of-the-art security features and low transaction fees make this platform the Best Crypto App in India.

The Zebpay app allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in 130 countries with almost zero trading fees. Zebpay offers you six cryptocurrencies and 15 trading options.

Zebpay Cryptocurrency Exchange App with which you can do Cryptocurrency Exchange without tension. Zebpay requires you to signup through your mobile number and complete KYC details to start trading.

With this, you also get the refer-and-earn feature in the Zebpay platform. If you sign up others to do crypto trading through Zebpay, you get 50 percent of the trading fees made through your link for one year. You can deposit a minimum of Rs 100 using UPI in this app, and Rs 1,000 for other forms of payment.

If you want to do Crypto trading with this app, then you can download it and start your trading.

If you want to download the Zebpay then here is the link–Android || iPhone

5. CoinSwitch Kuber

best crypto app in india

CoinSwitch Kuber App is known for Cryptocurrency Exchange and Trading in India. You can access the overall liquidity of the major cryptocurrency exchanges in India to get the best deal.

A clear interface offered by the CoinSwitch Kuber app is one of the reasons why people love this app. It ensures you a smooth and comfortable experience, making it a great name for the app among Indian users. If you are new in this field or Purana, this app is good for both.

The CoinSwitch Kuber platform has received funding from popular investors and VC firms like Sequoia. CoinSwitch Kuber gives you the opportunity to trade over 100 cryptocurrencies and promises the best trading rates in the market.

To trade on the CoinSwitch Kuber app you need to create an account. And it can be done using your mobile number, which is easy. But if you do not complete the KYC process then it will not let you start trading.

You get a four-digit PIN code option to secure your account on the CoinSwitch Kuber app. You will not have to pay trading fees for the first 100,000 users on the CoinSwitch Kuber platform for 100 days. Its simple user interface and aggressive marketing have made people like CoinSwitch Kuber.

Want to trade now and make a profit from it? So you can go with this app also. If you want to download it, download it now and start trading.

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Friends, the biggest thing is if you want to trade in Cryptocurrency currency? So you must be fully aware of this. Because if you are investing your money, then first know where you are investing and why? Because your valuables should not be wasted.

If now you know everything and really want to trade? So you can go with any of these apps and start your trading. All the apps given here are very good.

Thank you for reading this post!


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